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Do you want to help people to enjoy horses and be safe?

Do you want to run a horse business and be insured?

Do you love teaching and want to be more than the average instructor?

Horseridingcoach.com now offers you their online training system to become a qualified riding instructor at never before seen low fees.

The developers of the coaching courses have run highly successful commercial equestrian centres for over 35 years where they trained and produced many outstanding riders and coaches. Their experience in teaching 1000s of students has resulted in this training program full of 'how to' information, and specifically lists problems riders have, plus the corrections. Thanks to the Hartog’s ability to break down tasks, but also to explain and write easy to follow texts, the system developed over the years into a highly effective distance education system. Coaches trained through this system have been highly employable or have set up and run their own popular equestrian centres or equestrian service operations, as the training is thorough and covers all essential knowledge.

You can be in charge of your own study. The course materials are provided via extensive texts and supported by video footage, which shows you what is required. If you have access to facilities, horses and students you can have your practical work assessed via video, which is included in the fees. You have your personal tutor, who supports you in your study.

The courses follow a logical progression, similar to how we prepared the trainees in our centre, in incremental steps, large enough to be interesting, small enough to be manageable. You buy the material in blocks and work your way through, either starting at level I, or if you are an experienced horse person, you can enter directly at Level II.

Course Costs and Time Lines

The cost of the courses is very low as we view it as our legacy to the horse world. The costs are displayed at the bottom of the course pages, you may have to scroll down.

Although the course is self paced, this does not mean that students have ‘forever’ to complete their course. To be able to deliver the courses at this low price students have to complete Blocks within twelve months of purchase. In the past many students have completed the Level I in three to six months. We also have had students giving the feedback that they wished there were timelines in the past, so ‘they would get on with it’.

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