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HRC-Level I Riding for disabled

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Students generally complete this course within twelve months.

This is a qualification especially designed for people who want to also specialise in teaching horseridingskills to riders with a disability. There are various groups and ridingcentres that include riders with special needs, and by having this knowledge and skills you can provide highly rewarding services to a larger section of the population.

Total cost Level I Teach riders woth a disability Instructor's course $ 960.00 (save $ 75.00), including video assessments of practical tasks.

The course is essentially the same as the Level I Instructors course. After all, many of the riding and teaching principles are the same for all beginner riders. However, we have replaced unit 012, Business principles, with an extensive unit dealing with the additional knowledge that you need when running a riding for disabled group or program.

Horse riding can have great therapeutic benefits for all riders, emotionally, developmentally and physically. When you know how to facilitate riders with special needs you will provide opportunities and pleasure to riders, often by only slightly modifying equipment or mounting procedures or giving that extra bit of support to make it all possible. The accompanying support video will explain and show all techniques in detail.

Of course reliable and well trained horses are essential. Plus logical and progressive lesson plans with many activities to teach and re-enforce basic skills and techniques. Therefore we have included the Games book with 70 games, which can be adapted to many levels of riders.

Read up on some of our experiences and stories about riders that attended our centre and who have enriched many lives.  
His name is Graham.

Studying with horseridingcoach.com comes with the following benefits:

  • Personal support from tutors
  • Available online
  • Great text books, easy to read information
  • Progressive Lesson Plans
  • Practical assessments via video included

The course is divided in four Building Blocks, which can be purchased separately.

After completing all four blocks you receive the Horseridingcoach.com  Level I - Teach riders with a disability.

The course material includes the Games Book with 70 games with many variations.

The fees below are calculated for the online version. There is no print version available. 

Treat yourself to a thorough education and keep your clients longer.

If you like to know more or are not sure about something, why not give us a call on 0488 562 542 and we can talk about your options.

Enrolment fee $110.00.

Units of Study

HRC-Level I Riding for disabled

hrc-Block 1

Horse Management part 1

hrc-Unit 001

Apply principles of basic anatomy & Carry out regular horse observation

hrc-Unit 002

Provide daily care for horses (stable management, grooming, saddlery)

hrc-Unit 003

Provide daily care for horses (other equipment, foot care & travelling)

hrc-Block 2

Horse Management part 2 and Safety

hrc-Unit 004

Feeding & Train and condition horses                     

hrc-Unit 005

Horse's health and the treatment of injuries

hrc-Unit 006

Safety and risk management

hrc-Block 3

Coaching Principles, Teach riders unmounted & Demonstrate personal riding skills

hrc-Unit 007

Apply legal and ethical coaching practices & Group control

hrc-Unit 008

Teach riders with different needs & Teach riders unmounted

hrc-Unit 009

Personal riding skills explained & Demonstrate personal riding skills on the flat and over jumps

hrc-Block 4 - RDA

Teach basic riding skills & lungeing

Event organisation & Competition preparation

Teach riders with a disability

hrc-Unit 010

Teach basic riding skills & lungeing

hrc-Unit 011

Event organisation & Competition preparation

hrc-Unit 018

Teach riders with a disability - programs, disabilities, volunteer management

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