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HRC-Level I Trail ride

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Students generally complete this course within twelve months.

There are many different ways people enjoy horse riding. Often their first introduction is through a trail ride when on holidays. For riders joining a Trailride, often this is their first close-up experience with horses. So, you can imagine that you have the responsibility to introduce them competently to safety around horses, how to control them on the ride as well their position in the saddle as they are going up and down over undulating country.

The courses are industry and insurance approved.
This course prepares you for a variety of skills as it includes some teaching in an arena or enclosed area to get riders going, before taking them out of a ride, but it also gives you all the information on how to look after multiple horses used for commercial purposes, safety and risk management and how to deal with the public. You will learn how to manage a group of riders and guides on bush-rides and how to keep them safe and deal with emergencies in case they crop up. Safety is always foremost on our mind. See Tack Room Tale: Safety when turning out a horse in a paddock.

Total cost Level I Instructor's course $ 860.00 (save $ 75.00), including video assessments of practical tasks.

The tourist industry offers many opportunities for trained trail guides and assistants in resorts and home-stays in full and part time positions. This is often a great way to extend your income if you own or have access to country property.

What can you do with the Level I Trail Ride qualification?
Many qualified students are self employed, start or be employed in a Trail ride business. You can also make your acreage or trail ride business more productive by agisting horses and starting a (small) riding school. Many riders, after their first trail ride, like to know more about horse riding and this way you create repeat visits from your clients. The business part and designing a safe equestrian facility prepare our students with much practical advice.

Completing the Horseridingcoach.com Level I Trail ride Instructor allows you to access insurance.

Studying with horseridingcoach.com comes with the following benefits:

  • Available online
  • Personal support from tutors
  • Great text books, easy to read information
  • Progressive Lesson Plans
  • Practical assessments via video included

The course is divided in four Building Blocks, which can be purchased separately.

After completing all four blocks you receive the HorseRidingCoach.com Level I Trail Ride Instructor certificate.

The fees below are calculated for the online version. There is no print version available.

      Treat yourself to a thorough education and keep your clients longer.

If you like to know more or are not sure about something, why not give us a call on 0488 562 542 and we can talk about your options.

 A $110 enrolment fee will be added to your first purchase:

Units of Study

HRC-Level I Trail ride

hrc-Block 1

Horse Management part 1

hrc-Unit 001

Apply principles of basic anatomy & Carry out regular horse observation

hrc-Unit 002

Provide daily care for horses (stable management, grooming, saddlery)

hrc-Unit 003

Provide daily care for horses (other equipment, foot care & travelling)

hrc-Block 2

Horse Management part 2 and Safety

hrc-Unit 004

Feeding & Train and condition horses                     

hrc-Unit 005

Horse's health and the treatment of injuries

hrc-Unit 006

Safety and risk management

hrc-Block 3 - Tr

Coaching Principles & Teach the fundamental skills of riding

hrc-Unit 007

Apply legal and ethical coaching practices & Group control

hrc-Unit 008

Teach riders with different needs & Teach riders unmounted

hrc-Unit 010 - Tr

Teach the fundamental skills of riding

hrc-Block 4 - Tr

Office, business and public relation

Trail ride management, trail ride teaching and trail ride control

hrc-Unit 012 - Tr

Office, business and public relation

hrc-Unit 017

Trail ride management, trail ride teaching and trail ride control

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