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HRC-Level II Instructor

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Students generally complete this course within twelve months.

Now things become interesting. When you already have a lot of experience, or have completed the Level I course, you can start with Level II. You can develop your passion for teaching further and keep your students much longer. Find out here how you don’t have to spend a lot of money to upgrade to Level II after competing Level I.

The courses are industry and insurance approved.
The Level II course will give you a solid knowledge base, so when your students ask questions, and at this level they will, you can lead them to the answer. At this level it is important not only to tell your student “how to” but also “why”; that way they can take ownership of the information. Check out the Tack Room Tale: Making the experience whole.

Total cost Level II Instructor's course $ 1335.00 (save $ 125.00), including video assessments of practical tasks, but can be bought in blocks
@ $ 225.00 each.

After laying the foundations we can now safely proceed to more detailed skills. We explain techniques such as the paces, rein contact, the Half Halt, the rising and sitting trot and use these techniques to ride the many tracks and figures in the arena. In jumping we explain the jumping seat and the difference between the 2 and 3 point position, as well as how to ride over poles and small jumps. With fifty years of experience we also know the most common problems your riders have when learning new (riding) skills and have included many solutions.

All of these explanations are in plain English where we break the tasks or skills down to small bite size pieces and add more detail as we go along. The explanations are supported with comprehensive “best practice” lesson plans which help your students achieve the goals. Personally we like group lessons as this adds to the social aspect of the sport (and increases your income exponetially!).

As the blocks 2, 3 and 4 are common in both Level I and Level II ‘Teaching riders unmounted’ (Safe Practices make Safe Horses) and ‘Basic business principles are also included in the Level II.

What can you do with the Level I qualification?
Many qualified students are self employed as travelling instructors. Others wanted to make their acreage productive by agisting horses and starting a (small) riding school. The business part and designing a safe equestrian facility prepare our students with much practical advice.

The Horseridingcoach.com Level II Instructor allows you to keep your clients longer and access insurance as well.

Studying with horseridingcoach.com comes with the following benefits:

  • Available online
  • Personal support from tutors
  • Great text books, easy to read information
  • Progressive Lesson Plans
  • Practical assessments via video included

The course is divided in four Building Blocks, which can be purchased separately.

After completing all four blocks you receive the HorseRidingCoach.com Level II Instructor certificate.

The fees below are calculated for the online version. There is no print version available.

       Treat yourself to a thorough education and keep your clients longer.

If you like to know more or are not sure about something, why not give us a call on 0488 562 542 and we can talk about your options.

Enrolment fee $110.00.

Units of Study

HRC-Level II Instructor

hrc-Block 2

Horse Management part 2 and Safety

hrc-Unit 004

Feeding & Train and condition horses                     

hrc-Unit 005

Horse's health and the treatment of injuries

hrc-Unit 006

Safety and risk management

hrc-Block 3

Coaching Principles, Teach riders unmounted & Demonstrate personal riding skills

hrc-Unit 007

Apply legal and ethical coaching practices & Group control

hrc-Unit 008

Teach riders with different needs & Teach riders unmounted

hrc-Unit 009

Personal riding skills explained & Demonstrate personal riding skills on the flat and over jumps

hrc-Block 4

Teach basic riding skills, Lungeing & Business skills

hrc-Unit 010

Teach basic riding skills & lungeing

hrc-Unit 011

Event organisation & Competition preparation

hrc-Unit 012

Office, business and public relation

hrc-Block 5-a

Teach riding on the flat - part 1

Teach riding skills on the flat - part II - Lesson Plans

hrc-Unit 013

Teach riding on the flat - part 1

hrc-Block 5-b – Teach riding skills on the flat - part II - Lesson Plans
hrc-Unit 014

Teach riding skills on the flat - part 2 - Lesson Plans

hrc-Block 5-c

Teach riding over jumps

Teach riding cross country

hrc-Unit 015

Teach riding over jumps

hrc-Unit 016

Teach riding cross country

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