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PeD - HM - Getting to know your horse

Personal Development Courses

Contrary to our earlier announcement horseridingcoach will continue to enroll new students. Enthusiastic new owners have found us and will pick up the reins in the coming months ensuring the continuation of our great courses.

Who will benefit from the 'Taking Care of Horses' lessons: 

  • Anybody interested in the well being of the horse
  • Riders who like to learn to theory without being on the horse to absorb it better
  • Rriders who wish to improve their knowledge base
  • Parents who wish to help their children
  • Partners or friends who would like to assist with knowledgeable observations
  • Volunteers (RDA, Pony Clubs, Inter High School)

We kept the prices very low, so the cost will not be a deterrent for not knowing how best to look after your or your friend's or children's horse(s).

Treat yourself to a thorough education and enjoy your riding and the partnership with your horse more. Having the knowledge how to do things right makes your involvement so much more enjoyable!

To continue please ENROL in the Getting to know your horse course. Once completed you may chose to purchase any of the following lessons you are interested in.

Units of Study

PeD - HM - Getting to know your horse

01 - PeD - HM - Identification
PeD-HM lesson-01

Identification. Learn about the names of the parts of the horse.

  1. Points of the horse
  2. Markings, colours and breeds
  3. Measuring, ageing and brands
Includes support video!
02 - PeD - HM - Body Systems & Conformation –  
PeD-HM lesson-02

Basic Anatomy and Conformation.

  1. Basic natomy of the horse
  2. How good and bad conformation affects the horse
This lesson does not have a support video.

03 - PeD - HM - Understanding your horse –  
PeD-HM lesson-03 Understanding your horse
  1. Basic horse behaviour and psychology
  2. Checking if your horse is OK
  3. Signs of a healthy horse
Includes support video!

04 - PeD - HM - Daily Care for your horse
PeD-HM lesson-04 Provide daily care for your horse
  1. Accommodation
  2. Pasture Management
  3. Safe handling
  4. Feeding procedures
Includes support video!

05 - PeD - HM - Grooming and clipping – Grooming & clipping 
PeD-HM lesson-05 Grooming & clipping
  1. Horse grooming equipment and its correct use
  2. Grooming procedures
  3. Safe procedures for clipping and trimming
  4. Various clip patterns and their uses
Includes support video!

06 - PeD - HM - Foot care – Foot care
PeD-HM lesson-06 Foot care
  1. Anatomy of the hoof, foot and lower leg
  2. Correctly lifting all four feet
  3. Daily care of the hoof
  4. Signs of well shod foot and when to trim
  5. How to remove a shoe and rasp the hoof to prevent further damage
Includes support video!

07 - PeD - HM - Saddlery & Gear check – Saddlery & Gear check
PeD-HM lesson-07 Saddelery & Gear check
  1. Correct care and fitting of saddles and bridles
  2. Most common bits and their use
  3. Gear check
Includes support video!

08 - PeD - HM - Other equipment – Other equipment
PeD-HM lesson-08 Other equipment
  1. Use and application of the various extra pieces of
  2. equipment for horses
  3. Rugs, boots, and bandages
  4. Safety issues regarding equipment
  5. Permitted use for general competition
Includes support video!

09 - PeD - HM - Travelling – Traveling 
PeD-HM lesson-09


  1. Different types of transport
  2. Preparing for travel
  3. Safe loading and unloading 
Includes support video!

10 - PeD - HM - Feeding and conditioning – Feeding and conditioning
PeD-HM lesson-10 Feeding
  1. Rules of good feeding
  2. Different feeds explained
  3. Dietary requirement of a varaiety of horses

Train and condition horses
  1. Principles of fitness
  2. Conditioning programs
11 - PeD - HM - Health of the horse part 1 – Health of the horse - part 1

Coming soon
PeD-HM lesson-11 Health of the horse - Part 1
  1. Signs of good and bad health
  2. Content of the first aid cabinet
  3. Teeth examination and care
  4. Prevention and treatment of common ailments

12 - PeD - HM - Health of the horse part 2 – Health of the horse - part 2

Coming soon
PeD-HM lesson-12 Health of the horse - part 2
  1. Recognising signs and causes of lameness
  2. Prevention and treatment of further common ailments and infectious diseases
  3. Parasites, prevention and treatment
  4. General care of the convalescing horses
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