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We developed this product for you: Riders, parents and supporters.

Keeping and looking after horses is not as easy as looking after a dog. Horses are much larger as we know and as they are a hunted species they have behaviour patterns that we don’t always recognise and we may get hurt or the horse gets hurt and visits from the vet are quite expensive. Read the Tack Room Tale “How the doctor spent a fortune”

The courses are divided in small lessons that are available for a small price. Prices start as low as $ 8.95 per lesson. At these low prices you cannot allow yourself not to know how to deal with or ride and train your precious friend knowlegeably.

Not all riders have access to regular tuition and often do not where to start to train themselves or their horse. The lessons are set up in a logical and natural order and are a result of teaching many thousands of riders during our fifty years of experience (in the industry).

In our riding centres the lessons were grouped into beginners, intermediate and experienced riders. This way we were able to have a consistent logical progress in our lessons. When riders had fulfilled the requirements in the beginner’s classes they moved to the next level. It was recognition of their progress.

You’ll see the lessons are in a logical sequence, the same as we would have done in practice.

Treat yourself to a thorough education and enjoy your riding and the partnership with your horse more. Having the knowledge how to do things right makes your involvement with horses so much more enjoyable!

The first eight horse management lessons are now online: Taking care of horses