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Professional Development Courses

These lessons are designed for those who are already teaching and either already have a qualification or assisting their family members or friends in gaining better riding skills.

The lessons follow the logical progression of skill development of all riders, no matter the colour of the skin or where they come from.

So, these lessons and lesson plans are suitable for anybody, anywhere, who wants to teach well constructed lessons or, if you are assisting friend or family members, know what you are looking at and know more detail of the theory behind the skill. This is especially important when you are not a professional instructor and need to give constructive advice.

Whereas the Personal Development courses are more from the rider’s point of view these Professional Development courses are more from an outside observer point of view.

The theory or the underpinning knowledge of the various skills involved with riding horses is followed with lesson plans that have been developed and improved over fifty years teaching thousands of riders at different levels to competition standard.

In the theory we break the skill into small bite size pieces and then put them together bit by bit until the skill is complete. The lesson plans follow this principle of shaping and chaining to make the lesson enjoyable for all riders and enhance their understanding of the sometimes difficult riding concepts.

Treat yourself to a thorough education and enjoy your teaching or assisting friends or family members and the partnership with their horses more. Having the knowledge how to do things right makes your involvement so much more enjoyable.

Horse Care & Safety lessons are available as Personal Development courses.