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The best personal development for riding on the flat is my book The Art of Training - a handbook for the novice horse rider. This is the second and much improved edition from the original version published in 1991, which sold out in a short time.

Many further years of coaching have given me a new experiences. They are included in this latest version. The book has solid basic riding skills as focus and will help many riders come to grips with the jargon used with horse riding and training and includes many hundreds of supporting line drawings. The cost is only $ 39.95 and publication is expected early March 2015.

What readers think: Hi Bert. I have your first book The Art of Training and have used it and referred back to it many times over the years. Thanks for the inspiring knowledge and offering a wealth of support over the many years.

Who will benefit from The Art of Training:

  • Riders who like to learn to theory without being on the horse to absorb it better
  • Beginner Riders with little experience
  • Intermediate riders who wish to improve their riding
  • Advanced riders who wish to improve their knowledge base
  • Parents who wish to help their children
  • Partners or friends who would like to assist with knowledgeable observations
  • Volunteers (RDA, Pony Clubs, Inter High School)

Treat yourself to a thorough education and enjoy your riding and the partnership with your horse more. Having the knowledge how to do things right makes your involvement so much more enjoyable!

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Support videos 'The Art of Training'

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