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PeD - Learning to ride over Jumps

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It is often said that jumping is dressage over obstacles. One canter stride is somewhat bigger when the horse goes over the jump. When you jump over a single fence you can do it perhaps any which way you like as long as you get to the other side and hopefully still be on the horse as well.

When you ride over a number of obstacles it becomes much more like dressage over jumps. Going over a jump consists of five phases: The approach, the take-off, the flight, the landing and finally the departure. These 5 phases happen in a matter of seconds.

To give the horse more freedom we use a forward leaning jumping position. In the three point position the rider has three points of contact with the horse; the two legs and the seat. With the shorter stirrups there is now a line from the shoulders to the knees to the toes. 

In the two point position the only points of contact are the two legs. 

The aim of the rider in showjumping is to guide the horse over various fences without the loss of rhythm, fluency and precision, in a balanced and round outline, changing between three point and two point seat according to the terrain, fence, horse, the line to be ridden and the ability of the rider.

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Treat yourself to a thorough education and enjoy your riding and the partnership with your horse more. Having the knowledge how to do things right makes your involvement so much more enjoyable!

To continue please ENROL in the Learning to ride over jumps course and follow the prompts. Once completed you may purchase any of the following lessons in your student area.

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Units of Study

PeD - Learning to ride over Jumps

001 - PeD - JUMP - The jumping position –  
PeD-JUMP - Lesson-01

Learning to ride over jumps

  1. Safety
  2. Jumping position
  3. Problems and corrections
Includes support video

002 - PeD - JUMP - Trotting poles, grids and single fence –  
PeD-JUMP - Lesson-02 Learning to ride over jumps
  2. Safety when jumping
  3. Riding over single and multple trotting poles
  4. How to set out and ride grids
  5. How to ride single fences

003 - PeD - JUMP - Combinations, related fences and courses –  
PeD-JUMP - Lesson-03 Learning to ride over jumps 

  1. Building and riding combinations
  2. Riding related fences
  3. Jumping courses

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