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Many people that are mildly affected with a disability are able to ride in main stream riding centres. The skills learned in this course will help you to integrate these students appropriately.

Teach riders with a Disability - Professional Development

Professional Development Courses

Students generally complete this course within six months.

This course is an add-on to a Level I or Level II qualification. It is not a stand alone qualification. Or it may be useful information for volunteers who assist in a club or RDA centre.

There are many centres that specialise in riders with a disability. They often deal with severely disabled riders and have specialised equipment to work with wheelchair riders.

But there are many other riders, who may have some kind of disability, who would not have to ride in a specialised centre, but could be accommodated easily in regular riding centres or riding programs. You could provide this service to your potential clientele.

Of course you need good school horses that don’t rock the boat. But above all you need to know how to apply or modify techniques and how to deal with the different disabilities in your centre. You will find that ultimately there is not all that much difference between teaching a person with a disability or a beginner rider. They all need patience and encouragement and progressive teaching.

Marion has extensive experience conducting riding for disabled sessions in our centre, conducting many workshops in several states and assessing a large number of candidate instructors. She has now put her knowledge on paper, ... or rather put her fingers to the keyboard.

Teaching riders with a disability can be done as a full course. It combines the HRC-Level I subjects with riding with a disability. Coaches who have already qualified can purchase the Riding for Disabled unit on its own to add these skills to their current coaching qualification.

In this module you will learn:

  • About the most common disabilities and how to deal with them              
  • How to modify sessions to suit people with disabilitie
  • How to attract and manage volunteers
  • Lesson plans

The course material includes the Games Book with 70 games with many games and activities.

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Teach riders with a Disability - Professional Development

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Teach riders with a disability

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