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Horse Riding Coach - Australia's Premier Instructor Training CompanyWe have run successful equestrian centres for more than 30 years and given many, many lessons in groups or privately. In our last centre we taught some 250 students per week. Our students ranged from recreational riders to active competitive riders. This took some organisation on our part, but we had safety protocols in place that kept our students, especially the children, safe. Our motto was: "Safe Habits create Safe Horses".

Australia’s Premier Instructor Training Company – Giving You Choice

Horseridingcoach.com has been training riders and instructors for nearly 40 years We deliver qualifications in all states of Australia and overseas.

Free Lesson

To get a feel of how we deliver and assess the course, please to try our Free Lesson. (By the way, did you play our online jumping game Jumporama? But I warn you, it is very addictive!)

Thinking out of the box

It is often impractical to attend many workshops at inconvenient times. That's why we made the course available online or by correspondence (in print), so you can study in your own time and place. The theory is supported with DVDs so we still come in your study room and teach you personally. You read the text, then you do the assessment tests and short answer online so you learn computer skills at the same time, that’s important these days (or send them by mail the old fashioned way). Then you do the practical assessments, but you are prepared.

Take the Information and Excel!

Of course it goes without saying that you wish to conduct safe and informative lessons. But to excel in the market place you need to have that special ingredient. In the horse business that means to be knowledgeable and safe, so your lessons are exiting and full of content and your students can't wait to come back for their next lesson. If you give progressive exciting lessons full of content and organise in-house events such as gymkhanas or holiday camps you place yourself even better. 

Continuous Assessments - No Exams

Your training is assessed at the end of each lesson, this will guide you in the right direction in case you misunderstood some theory during the training. Many subjects learned early in the course are part of the assessment tasks later in the course, such as risk assessment, so by the time you have completed the course you have repeated them many times already and there is no need for a final exam.

How much does it cost?

The cost for the Next generation Level I course is a little under $ 900.00 including GST. You can find a pricelist under Career Courses & Cost, or follow the links to HRC Level I Instructor, HRC Level II Instructor and HRC Level I Trail ride as well as HRC Level I Riding for disabled

Pay As You Go to suit your budget.

You do not need to purchase the whole course at once. You can buy one unit at the time when your budget allows. That way you can spread your payments. 

You can start at any time and set the pace

The course is self paced with rolling intake, that means you can start the course at any time. You can set your own pace, in other words you can pause anywhere in the course when personal matters take priority or you can complete the course in record time (we have students who have completed the Level I in three months).

Become a Horse Riding Coach!

Teach Horse Riding and become Financially Independent

Teaching horse riding is one of the most satisfying jobs you can think of - being outside with animals you love and seeing your student’s progress. Wouldn’t it just be fantastic to make an income with something you love doing.

Available online

The course is only available online.


We refer our students to two reliable insurance companies, who have agreed to insure you after completing the theory of your course. This allows you to be insured while you do the practical work. There are no membership requirements. For more information see Answers to your Questions.

What about the Practical Assessments?

The course comes with streaming videos, which support the written texts and show you how things are done. So you can watch the videos and then practice things, until you feel you can do them easily. Then you make a video of your practical demonstrations and submit them to your tutor, who views it and provides feedback and advice. The cost for assessing all practical components once, is included in your fees. Any resubmissions require additional payments.

After completing the Level I improve your knowledge and income potential by enrolling in Level II:

As some of the sections of the Level I are repeated in the Level II it is possible to continue your studies to a higher level after completing the Level I by just adding units at a nominal cost once you are already teaching and making an income.The Level II will improve your teaching skills in flat riding or dressage, jumping and cross country riding with the additional units from HRC Level II Instructor's course. After all students will not remain beginners for very long.

Level I Trail ride:

We also offer a full qualification if you want to work in or run a trail riding operation. It includes getting people started in an enclosed area, before taking them out on trail, as well as the required horse care and management, how to deal with the public and how to run a safe operation. HRC Level I Trail ride.

Online support videos:

The course will also help you with improving your own riding as we explain how to do things step by step. A special feature of the course is that we have included the most common problems people have when learning new riding skills and how to fix them. With the support DVDs we teach you virtually personally and take the distance out of distance education. (Riding skills are covered in Block 3.)

Student Information Booklet:

If you like we can send you an information pack. Please send us your address so we can pop one in the mail for you. You can also download it here. Don't forget if there are any unanswered questions we are only an email away.

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