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The texts are very informative and the lesson plans are brilliant. They showed me new easy ways to get things accross to riders.

Delia Williams

I found that your course provided me with an excellent resource of information for some less common injuries/illnesses, tack and equipment.  I have no doubt I will use it well into the future.  I found the theory for the Intermediate Riding (part of Cert IV) the most interesting with lots of tips for my own riding and also how I can help my students.  I'm primarily helping those riders who are competent beginners wishing to start their dressage career and those who wish move from Prelim/Novice to Elementary.  The jumping sections have inspired me to do more of this myself as I did enjoy it when I was a Junior!  Perhaps most importantly, I found that your course gave me confidence as I could prove to myself that I actually already had quite a reasonable amount of knowledge.

Alison Kain


My heartfelt thanks to Bert, Marion and tutor Jenny Kunde. Your course was magic.

Although I was a school teacher and have been instructing riders for many years, your practical hints, clarity and detail have already proved beneficial.

I have also been very grateful for your patience with my spasmodic participation! Your flexibility and the online delivery made it possible to attain this qualification at a time when I had many other commitments. Your courses provide a cost effective way of gaining knowledge, skills and qualifications, and I am looking forward to enrolling in more of your courses.
(Published with permission of) Julie Middleton.


Thank you SO much Marion! I am very glad I chose your training program I can't imagine getting half of the advice that you have offered in regards to business. It's great to know there is support there, especially for someone like me who is all alone a long way from anyone!!

That's good that I can take money when I give lessons... I am not looking to start a fully fledged company at this stage but I was wondering how I was going to afford to bring my other horses into town and pay for their upkeep whilst doing the pracs. All I will really be doing this year is taking regular experienced riders out on my horses whilst I gain confidence in my teaching abilities & procedures.

There is only a small number if people up here who own horses so I am going to have to use my own, so I'm aware my insurance will be on the higher end. However I won't be earning much so hopefully will level out a bit.
I should be able to get thru the pracs just involving myself fairly quickly, and will aim to have the ones involving other riders before the end of the season.
(Published with permission of) Shayne Carter

Hi Marion and Bert,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for allowing me to complete my Certificate lll in Sport Coaching Equestrian. I enjoyed this experience tremendously and it gave me an insight into what is involved in the horse industry.

I appreciate the time and effort taken by you and your staff, particularly Beck Poole to teach and help me in such a wide variety of tasks.

I have learnt a lot and enjoyed working as a long distance student. I know the things I have learnt have helped develop me as an individual and has prepared me for my gap year working with horses

Once again, thank you.

(Published with permission of) Amy Bradfield.

Hi Marion and Bert,

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help during my studies with you.

I arrived home from hospital last week feeling a bit sorry for myself and saw in the mail, the letter from you (the Cert IV).

It really made my day. I’m so glad I’ve finally done it. I also must add that Sally Watson is a terrific horsewoman and absolutely super as an assessor. I can highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to coach. I’m also very pleased that she is involved with the RDA as next year when I’m back on top of things I hope to do your RDA type course and do the practical stuff with her. Thanks again for all your help and thank you and Bert both for writing the course. I would also like to mention that I used to read Bert’s training articles in The Horse Magazine, back in the day and found them so helpful that I kept them and still have them. I wish his book was still in print. Thanks again.
(Published with permission of) Angie Perdrisat

Hi Marion & Bert
I received my Cert III today! Thank you so much for your feedback on my practical tasks – it was fantastic and I will definitely make the suggested changes. My students that were on the DVDs would also like to say thanks for the lovely comments you made about them – as well as the cameraman, he was very pleased that you liked his filming!

I have really enjoyed the Cert III course. The online format and content of the course was fantastic and easy to understand and work through! The assistance, guidance and feedback offered by my tutor and yourself was amazing and very prompt. As I live in a rural area that is 4 hours from the nearest accredited assessor it was great (and cost effective) to be able to submit my practical tasks via DVD for assessment. I was most impressed that RPL could be applied for without additional costs. I will mostly certainly be enrolling for the Cert IV – I can’t wait!

Thank You for a great experience!!
(Published with permission of)Sussan Evans


The horse ridingcoach.com training system is a wonderful hands-on study system introduced by Bert and Marion. A course easily accessed, online or on paper, along with straight forward instructions/learning as you go and most importantly valued assistance from, not only your individually assigned tutor, but from Bert and Marion themselves!

This course is definitely value for money. lt has the added bonus of being able to study in your own time, whenever, whereverl

Personally for me it was a terrific find. After instructing for many years as a Level One Pony Club lnstructor, I wanted to go that one step further with my qualifications,. However, with working full time and livlng a fair way away from the city, I found my options were rather limited ..... until, that is, I came across horse ridingcoach.com.

Whereas other qualifications limit you to instructing members of those organisations, and you have to travel to attend courses etc, horse ridingcoach.com enables you to complete the course in your own time and then obtain your own insurance, allowing you to instruct anyone, anywhere!

Thanks horse ridingcoach.com for enabling me to fulfil what used to be "just a dream" of becoming a fully qualified horse riding instructor! I look fonrward to many more happy years instructing and seeing riders achieve their dreams!

(Published with permission of) Stephanie Leake

Dear Marion and Bert,
I received the certificate 3 in the mail. Thankyou very much. It was very pleasing to see that I now have an equestrian qualification (after years of horsing about). I have really enjoyed doing the course and have found the information in it very helpful and relevant to my teaching business. Even though I have been involved in the horse industry for many years as an owner, competitor, breeder and freelance instructor, the skills I have learned from the course have given me a much better understanding of what is required to run a teaching business properly.

I have learned that not only is it important to know what you are doing where horses and riding are concerned but issues such as risk management, being able to apply first aid, workplace information, workplace relations, business records, ATO requirements, sport and recreation law, legal and ethical responsibilities and dealing with conflict are just some of the necessary requirements to run a successful and responsible equestrian business in this day and age.

I have recently contacted three insurance companies regarding insurance for my teaching business and because I have completed certificate 3 they are all happy to insure me for not only riding tuition but also for carriage driving tuition (for which I am not qualified but have many years experience in) which is great because I have already been booked to do a carriage driving school. This is something I would not have considered in the past, so the benefits of doing your course have even flowed into that area. It has given me a lot of confidence too knowing that what I am teaching is correct.

I would also like to thank you for all your help along the way and congratulate you on developing such an informative course.
(Published with permission of) Angie Perdrisat- www.medinaplainsequestrian.com


The information is easily understood, relevant easily revised when needed. All there! All together!!

It is the only helpful source of information I have found.
(Published with permission of) Delia Williams, Iredale.

I finished the course a few years ago, and now have a successful business, I have found the ongoing support from Marion and Bert to be fantastic, they are always too happy to help with any questions you may have.
The course itself was great, I learnt so much. I love the fact that it doesn't just focus on competitive riding, but covers everything from horse management, book work the list goes on. I highly recommend this course, its well worth it, even if you didn't want to go out and teach the knowledge you have after the course is a reward in itself.

Thanks Bert and Marion
Kind Regards
(Published with permission of) Kacey Sulter


"Horseridingcoach.com has been instrumental in the basic set up of our newly established riding school in Luddenham, NSW . I found both the written information and the DVD 's unbelievable simple to understand and technically correct.

The beginner special has been an amazing tool to use with our first time riders of all ages and personalities, without exception we have implemented this "lesson plan" with huge success. The written information has been invaluable at all levels, including business setup, OH&S issues, helping to find the type of horses/ponies that we have now purchased, formulating lesson plans, correcting rider position etc.

We find we constantly refer to this information when reviewing our lessons for the week and to help our riders improve in a fun safe environment.

We have achieved excellent results already and have the confidence to further our qualifications and business going forward.

Many thanks...Horseridingcoach.com"
(Published with permission of) Jade and Caryn Knight, Vicar Park Stables, Luddenham, NSW

Dear Marion & Bert,
I would like to congratulate you and thank you for a wonderful learning experience.

After many years of competing at a National and International Level in Dressage I decided it was time to put give back to a sport that has given me so much.
I was dubious about doing any kind of course, but I was introduced to your Horse Riding Instructor Course and I must say your support and encouragement during and after finishing my courses with you has been amazing and greatly appreciated.

The courses I undertook with you were well explained, you were always only a phone call away, with great video back-ups for the learners and re-enforced things for the experienced riders.
The confidence I built doing your course has given me the confidence to go further with my Coaching. I am hoping to do my EA Level 2 Coaching in Dressage by the end of the year so I will be able to assist new riders achieve their competition (and perhaps their Olympic) goals.

Thank you so much for getting me started with my Coaching. I LOVE IT !!!!

(Published with permission of) Sue-Ellen Lovett
Dual Paralympian 1996-2000


Thank you for contacting me. I am surprised how “looked after” I feel. Correspondence is usually very isolated, but I really enjoy the personal touch and the knowing that I can talk to you or Jenny anytime. It really is fantastic.
(Published with permission of) Sharryn Jenkinson

The course covers everything and gives you an overall understanding. Examples make it easy to put things in perspective. It gives you a broader understanding of what you are going to face in business.

The law and insurance section was really interesting and really important to know about.
PS. My tutor is really helpful. 10/10.
(Published with permission of) Jade Baglee


The booklets are clear and easy to read. The information is easy to follow and provides a good depth of knowledge without being too technical. Good subject coverage, very broad.

I have really enjoyed this course, it has given me another view on training and horse management. It has also given me answers to some of the questions I have had for years.
(Published with permission of) Kate Hews


I so much enjoy your course and how you teach it, so simple and yet so in-depth and PRACTICAL!

After 30 years of having owned, worked with and ridden horses, I still always learn new things from your course material, and it is great fun... and the required practical 'teaching riding components' of the course give me the confidence that I can 'go out into the real word and teach horse riding'. Thank you again for this wonderful course you created.
(Published with permission of) Kaya Femerling - EquineNatural Hoof Care Practitioner, Barefoot Trimmer and Equine Nutritionist

Thank you for developing such an in-depth basic outline of the equestrian world as such. You have done a fantastic job with the course material and helps me greatly in designing lessons and education plans for my clients. Your advice on process and documentation requirements is also invaluable.
(Published with permission of) Debbie Burgemeister -
Bonogan Valley Horse Retreat
I received my Cert III certificate last week, thank you so much for all your support and guidance during my study… please pass my thanks onto Bert as there were many occasions when I needed to call or email and you both helped me! I also had the great pleasure of meeting you both at a clinic in Canberra and would recommend for everyone to try and attend a group session as it really helped my motivation and confidence during the course.
(Published with permission of) Michelle McCulloch