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The Art of Training - a handbook for the novice rider

New fully revised edition

To me the book would be one of those workhorses that you have in your library and refer to often. The important aspect of the book is that it is written in Bert’s usual simple and easy to understand format and anyone just has to read the first few paragraphs to understand that if this was a horse it would be one of those schoolmasters.
Sandy – Chief editor Hoofbeats 

It fills the 'gap'

Sometimes after a session with your coach you ask yourself why your coach asked you to do certain things. A coach works in the moment, he/she sees something that needs correcting or improving and gives the instruction. There is not always time for an explanation as riding is all about action or the moment would be gone.

This is where The Art of Training - a handbook for the novice rider fills the gap, it is filled with the supporting knowledge and explanations of why and how we do things and where they lead to.

One reader expressed it like this:

I read your book several years ago and have since implemented them into my training. I currently compete in dressage at advance level. As I have come up through the levels from novice to advanced my weekly lessons with my coach make sense as a result of reading of your book.
It was due to the way in which it is written (very understandable). Even sitting on the lounge reading, I felt calm and relaxed. Then went outside and remained calm and relaxed while riding.
N. Telling

Another reader like this:

You covered a variety of different important dressage subjects. More importantly, you expressed the concepts so clearly and concisely. I had heard many of these concepts before but you made them real and accessible, by explaining it in everyday language. You talked about how to do things, why to do things, and what the end result would be. I've never seen all these components together before. The light bulb went on over my head.
K. Havis

The jargon explained

Novice riders are often baffled by the jargon we use. What is the difference between irregular and uneven or what do we mean with cadence or how can a horse be straight when on a circle. Then there is the concept of Impulsion. How often is that misunderstood as going faster?

Now after many years of explaining basic concepts to, at times very inexperienced, students the explanations have turned jargon into plain language. Difficult concepts such as the Half Halt and how to make use of the outside rein for turning and lateral work are explained in simple English for everyone to understand. Even non-horse people can understand the principles and novice riders can start using them immediately.

If you would like to have the book signed and dedicated please send me an email (bhartog@horseridingcoach.com) with the name. Bert.

Special offers:

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