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About us

Bert and Marion HartogSome people make their living out of making horse riding techniques complicated…, We have put a lot of effort into making complicated things easy!

We are teachers through and through.

Horse riding can be a complicated matter. There are so many things you need to know and be aware off. There is the horse’s temperament and talent, your own temperament and talent and you need to know the correct technique to make things happen.

By building your knowledge base and skill level slowly and in a logical progression you will be able to have an overview of what you are doing and the complicated exercise you were doing will become easy.

Breaking tasks into small bite size pieces is an art and we pride ourselves that we are very good at that. It is called segmenting and chaining, the small segments become more involved as you learn the next part of the exercise until in the end all the segments are chained together into the complete exercise or movement.

You can’t make a turn without knowing how to steer; you can not jump a difficult cross country jump without complete control of the horse.

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