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Newsletter December 2016

Christmas closing hours

Horseridingcoach.com will be closed over the holiday period from 23rd Dec - 27th Dec. Students can still submit work but there will be a short delay in response and marking.

If your tutor is Marion she will be away from 16th Dec - 8th Jan.


Merry Christmas from Horseridingcoach.com

December is an opportune time to undertake practical components of the HRC instructors courses. With school holidays soon to start there will be a lot of potential students for the lesson components.

For those who are already qualified instructors this is a great time to market your school, maybe kids camps or lesson gift vouchers for Christmas presents. Really the list is only governed by how your school is set up.

With our Australian sun beaming over the summer period the age old slip, slop, slap message is ever important for both our students and oursleves. A bottle of water close by is also a given during these hot months.

From all of us here at horseridingcoach.com have a fantastic and safe Christmas holidays and hope you all get to fit in plenty of riding and coaching.

Kind regards,
Andy, Elissa, Jenny, Tamara and Marion

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